Site Guide

Site Guide


The Civic Way website contains information to help you shape your community’s future. The site has four sections as outlined below:

  • Our Profile – a profile of Civic Way and its team of advisors, a summary of the challenges and opportunities that Civic Way was created to address and a guide to the pathways you can take to change your community
  • Our Work – a primer on the model and services offered by Civic Way to help your community mobilize resources, improve governance, strengthen other civic institutions and achieve lasting change
  • News & Views – a new Civic Way commentary or article abstract on a relevant issue, plus an archive of other commentaries and article abstracts
  • Join Us – guides to supporting or getting involved with Civic Way or navigating the Civic Way website

If you want to learn more about the resources or services offered by Civic Way and its team of advisors, please scan our website or contact us directly.

Civic Way
Post Office Box 18569
Asheville, North Carolina 28814

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