Civic Way Services

Since every community faces unique challenges, we tailor our services to local needs. We give each community a clear-eyed picture of where they are, where they want to go, what they need to get there, and how to measure progress along the way. And by applying systems thinking to tough issues, we help communities achieve their potential and sustain that success beyond the next election.


To help its state and local partners achieve their goals, Civic Way offers a full menu of advisory services:

  • Assess community strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities
  • Define community needs for promoting and attaining their agendas
  • Facilitate the recruitment of organizational sponsors, local partners or project managers
  • Provide planning, fund-raising and project management assistance
  • Identify and help manage civic initiatives for reforming institutions or achieving other civic goals
  • Recommend promising and affordable ideas and resources for spurring civic progress
  • Provide guidance to civic leaders with a desire to serve as public executives (e.g., governor or mayor)
  • Design mechanisms for holding local government and other civic institutions accountable
  • Help identify emerging civic leaders and offer training to help prepare them for future challenges
  • Assist newly-elected public executives (or those starting a second term) to improve governance

In addition, to build a national civic network of state and local partners, Civic Way will:

  • Scan national resources and identify vendors with products that could help local partners
  • Test, acquire and distribute prototype civic products and tools for civic groups
  • Maintain an updated menu of pre-qualified vendors and products for local partners
  • Negotiate pricing with pre-qualified vendors on behalf of local partners
  • Maintain standard contracts (including standard unit costs and performance metrics) with pre-qualified vendors
  • Assess vendor offerings, match offerings with partner needs and recommend qualified vendors to partners
  • Manage or monitor vendor contracts to ensure that communities receive their full value

Civic Way will provide a structured process for linking local leaders and groups. And it will continually explore ways to refine its services based on the feedback it receives (e.g. rapid prototyping to test and refine selected services and products for partners).