CHALLENGE Our most livable, desirable and competitive communities differ in many ways, but they share one attribute—strong leadership. They are blessed with civic-minded leaders who share a bold vision for their communities and possess the will, passion, patience and collaborative spirit to achieve that vision. The challenge is that, as we have delegated our democracy to loud, strident and moneyed national voices, we have allowed our community leadership to decay.

SOLUTION To help shape their communities over time— to truly make a difference—civic leadership groups need people and resources. But they also need focus and efficient tools for maintaining that focus on issues that matter. The challenge facing our communities today calls for a smart system of tools that are easy to use, refine and replicate, and affordable. For the first time, the proliferation of cheap technology and mobile data has made a scalable set of tools available to communities.e.

SYSTEM By harnessing technology and system thinking, civic leaders can help their communities build a better future. They can use smart tools to shape their destinies.

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To clarify complex, stubborn civic issues, to assess proven ideas for improving their communities, to connect civic activists with promising initiatives and to track civic progress and exhort public officials.

MAKING IT WORK Community leaders will use a platform of standardized tools to craft a vision, assess their area’s strengths and weaknesses, select strategies to improve their community, frame messages for building a consensus around promising strategies, mobilize citizens to carry out initiatives and monitor public officials and institutions.

YOUR TURN Civic Way, as an advocate for civic leaders, will continually seek, assess and recommend technology and tools that will help existing and emerging civic leaders succeed in their respective communities. Civic leaders, by joining together and building a national network, can turn these tools into an efficient platform promoting civic progress. To