CHALLENGE Public opinion surveys reveal our growing disenchantment with government and other civic institutions. We complain about politicians, but seem all too willing to let them hijack our futures. At the same time, many states, regions and cities seem less agile, innovative and competitive. The challenge is to arm citizens with the resources they need to reengage, reclaim their communities and restore faith in democracy.

SOLUTION Civic Way’s goal is to harness technology and link concerned citizens with easy-to-grasp data, reliable analytics and point-n-click, web-based tools. Citizens should be able to use technology to grasp tough issues, find solutions and get involved in improving their communities. Citizens may not be able to solve every civic issue, but, with the right tools, they will be better equipped to think for themselves and work together...for a change.

SYSTEM By harnessing technology and system thinking, civic leaders can help their communities build a better future. They can use smart tools to shape their destinies.

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To clarify complex, stubborn civic issues, to assess proven ideas for improving their communities, to connect civic activists with promising initiatives and to track civic progress and exhort public officials.

MAKING IT WORK Any civic activist can become a change agent with new technology. Using a website or mobile device, she can scan the relevant tools to learn more about an issue and how to confront the issue in her own community. She can click a button to join a civic action group and become part of something bigger. In minutes, she can move from the side lines to the front lines of change.

YOUR TURN Citizens, by getting engaged, understanding the issues that shape their communities and working together to make their communities more livable and competitive, can make a difference. By taking advantage of smart tools and joining a network of other activists, they can attain civic progress.