Governors, mayors and other public executives need tools like those shown below to overcome the growing challenges of governance and govern with vision, purpose and efficacy.



This product will help public executives navigate the brief transition period between election and inauguration and prepare for their second terms. It includes a project work plan, transition guidelines and an automated decision calendar and scheduling system.


To improve a state or local government, one must first take its pulse (i.e., understand its strengths and weaknesses). Two modules are the Current Organizational Assessment (a high-level profile and analysis) and the Strategic Assessment (a long-term analysis of competitive standing).


This tool enables a new public executive and transition staff to estimate the fiscal impact of proposed policies, that is, to distinguish feasible ideas from policy wish lists, and to build a framework for the executive’s first budget proposal.


This tool is an enterprise-wide action plan for implementing anticipated policy and management initiatives. It charts policies that require legislative action, management initiatives that can be instituted without legislative support, and budget-balancing actions, coupled with metrics for tracking Progress.