Civic leaders need tools like those illustrated below to determine the best options for resolving civic issues and mobilizing civic activists around a feasible action agenda.



A menu of promising solutions for solving critical civic issues based on scans of best practices and intriguing civic ideas from an array of sources (e.g., experts, partners and websites), plus opportunities for reducing costs, enhancing impacts and expediting implementation.


A comprehensive, agile and easy-to-use digital messaging system that links values, messages and ideas in ways that enable users to quickly grasp how an action reflects values and facts, and can be promoted with a persuasive message.


A one-page snapshot of a vetted civic organization or initiative that helps users identify the best opportunities for getting involved in their communities or helps civic groups align potential volunteers with their stated interests.


An automated tool enabling users to volunteer for a vetted civic group or initiative and select their desired activity from a simple menu (e.g., users concerned about voter participation could select the Connect tabs for groups promoting non-partisan redistricting reform).