Civic Way System

Civic Way has developed a systems approach with four lenses—See It, Fix It, Own It and Track It. The Civic Way system, as outlined below, provides a framework for success, one that every community can use to chart its future agenda, mobilize local resources and hold local officials accountable. The sample tools illustrate the kinds of tools communities need to sustain progress. To see how they might benefit your community, click one of the four icons below.



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Civic Way Services

Each community's priorities vary. Civic Way's system, supported by its advisors, provides a framework to help each community determine its needs and the best ways to meet those needs. Civic Way offers each partner a wide range of services to jump start, guide or sustain its path to progress. As an independent non-profit, Civic Way also is uniquely positioned to help build a national network of like-minded civic enterprises, one that will make its partners more efficient, sustainable and influential than they would be as solitary entities. To learn more about Civic Way's services, click the button below.

Sample Projects

Civic Way’s advisors have worked on many civic initiatives that illustrate how Civic Way can help its partners strengthen their governance and achieve progress. To read more about the kind of work that Civic Way’s advisors can do for you, click the button below.