Achieving America

Achieving America is about realizing the American idea--our promise as a diverse, productive and enlightened society. It is about good governance, not just elections. It is about local and state issues, not just national. It is about tomorrow, not just today,

Achieving the American idea calls for a new approach. Instead of allowing national events to separate us, we must renew our commitment to local values that unite us, and rally around commonsense solutions. Instead of sacrificing long-term hopes for short-term successes, we must adopt rigorous systems for confronting the future, promoting good governance and ensuring accountability.

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Why Civic Way?


Civic Way works with communities to help them align their futures with their visions. We provide a comprehensive system for solving tough problems (e.g., lagging civic progress, weak civic engagement, disjointed civic leadership or ineffectual governance).

Our tools and counsel help communities harness best practices, new technologies and other opportunities to revitalize their civic institutions and enhance their competitiveness. Our coordinated national peer network also will help communities efficiently share strategies, ideas and resources.

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Our Partners

Civic Way tailors its offerings to 3 vital groups for achieving America: 1) civic activists, 2) civic leaders and 3) public executives.

By becoming more informed, civic activists can help their communities face the future. By becoming more focused and disciplined, civic leaders can strengthen their civic institutions. By becoming better prepared, public executives can restore public faith in state and local government.

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