Achieving America

“If we … do not falter in our duty now, we may be able, handful that we are, to … achieve our country...”
– James Baldwin


Civic Way Story

Civic Way is a non-profit dedicated to improving state and local governance. We partner with communities to help them see their potential, fix tough problems, own the solutions and track their success. To learn more, click below.


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Civic Way offers a full range of services to help its local partners improve governance and build community. Our national team of advisors ensures easy access to the best ideas for improving governance, rebuilding civic institutions and holding government accountable. If you want to learn more about how Civic Way can help you attain and sustain long-term progress, click below.



These are trying times for those who believe in democracy and good government. Political polarization stifles problem-solving, deepening cynicism among citizens and, in turn, further impeding collaboration and problem-solving. Civic Way believes that we can—and must—break this vicious cycle now. We can revitalize our democracy and civic institutions in our own communities, from the ground up. We can leverage new technology to connect our communities at the state and national levels, and harness that power to make government work for all of us. To learn more about these challenges and opportunities, click below.

What You Can Do

As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, Civic Way exists solely to help its partners achieve their potential, starting with good governance. With our extensive state and local experience, we understand that enduring change requires strong community leadership and collaboration. To learn how you can help Civic Way advance those goals, click below.